YOU Are the Guru

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

With, I thought I should be clear… I am NOT a Self Help Guru, Expert,  Spiritual Leader, Therapists, etc.

I chose because I liked the implication that in order to fulfill our life purpose and seek our happiness or bliss, we have to be in touch with our inner knower… our truth. 

So, to be clear, the “guru” is YOU!  

No one else can stand in your shoes; have the same fears, challenges, intellect, lifestyle. No one else knows which choices will energize or drain you. No one else can directly enjoy, or suffer, from the results of your decisions or actions. 

So the final say has to be YOU. All you, no matter what. Personally, I find that a little scary at times, but mostly EMPOWERING!

I know, from my own experience, doing what I thought I “should” do often left me feeling completely depleted, unhappy, and lost. I no longer trusted myself and feared “getting it wrong”… AGAIN!  I had the misbelief that my ability to make decisions was somehow “flawed”. I felt powerless and, frankly, kinda “broken”. What I needed to learn was how to go within and unearth what was inside.

You have to take accountability and seek your own truth to then become more confident in making those choices that are truly for yourself.  With the confidence you build, you’ll be empowered to act and know that no matter what, it will be the right action to give your soul the lessons/experiences it is seeking.

Will there be times when you should ask for advice or support? Yep, plenty. Sometimes we need help in peeling back the layers so that we can ultimately make decisions that resonate with our souls.

This is still very much a work in progress for me and, I think, every conscious human, so here are some tools to empower you on your journey within:


What do you want to know? What would you ask if you had a direct connection to the highest part of yourself? What’s the next step towards a life you love? I think journaling is great for this; see Morning Pages.

Get Still/Meditate

Our minds can be “all over the place” making it challenging to hear our spirit. By getting still you simply (purposefully) cut out the distractions. Close your eyes. Get still. Breathe. Feel your heartbeat. OBSERVE: this is allowing your mind to focus on one thing. Moving, exercising, cleaning, writing, walking, and focusing on breathing can all be forms of mediation. Explore what works for you.


Observe your thoughts, versus being swept away by them, and come back to what is being presented: maybe short sentences, single words, pictures, songs, images, sayings, feelings or just knowingness on the right thing to do next.


Intuition is something we all have but don’t necessarily listen to! You can’t mess anything up!  There are no mistakes… just life. Be okay with the answer; the answer may surprise you. You may not love it, but you don’t have to do anything right away, just sit with it.  If it’s the right thing for you, it will resonate as so.


“Idiots think, Saints do,” according to Yogi Bhajan, and it’s true! We learn from action, and we grow from learning. Doing something inspired is a much better teacher than living in the loop of the stories we have in our heads.