Morning Pages

I’ve never really been good at keeping a consistent journal but I do think it’s a really powerful practice in the way of self-study and reflection.  A couple of years ago, I was reading through some of my journal entires that I had done during my yoga teacher training (7 years prior) and was humbled by some of the insights that younger Melissa had to offer! It’s entertaining to glimpse back and witness your personal transformation; or sometimes the lack thereof!  Journaling, and specifically Morning Pages, is a powerful and humbling way to seek inspiration from within, as well as acknowledge the beautiful journey (trials and tribulations) that has brought you to where you’re at today.  

Created by Julia Cameron, Morning Pages are an empowering tool used to cultivate creativity and personal transformation. The idea is to wake up and immediately write a few pages about anything, simply transcribing your thoughts.

When: The purpose of writing in the early morning rather than the evening is significant, as it allows you to capture your thoughts before your ego is awake and your usual defenses are in place. 

Why: Your vulnerability in the early morning allows you to write truthfully and purposefully.  Morning Pages are like a tough love friend - they encourage you to face your aversions and urge you to take action on your own behalf.

How:  There’s no wrong way to do your Morning Pages!

My personal approach is to try to keep my hand moving, nonstop, free-write style. If I feel myself approaching a “wall”, I’ll write out a question to myself and then answer it; this has provided some really cool responses from within. I’ve also found that journaling in the morning is a really grounding experience (even when I don’t feel like doing it!) and that I tend to feel more at peace, present, and positive throughout the day! 

I believe to know, or should I say, to continue to inquire about yourself puts you on the path, or in alignment, with having a true sense of loving compassion for oneself; creating genuine capacity to love others.  Soooo, I’ll continue to keep trying to be more consistent in my journaling and embrace what unfolds!  Will you?!